ALBUM REVIEW: Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape – Century Media

After a four year absence (a handful of single releases aside), Pennsylvania-based Black Crown Initiate return with their third full-length release, Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape (Century Media). From black metal to progressive rock via blasts of technical death metal, BCI effortlessly combine a whole range of differing styles resulting in their most captivating and assured record to date.

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Origin, Archspire, Defeated Sanity, Dyscarnate, Visceral Disgorge, The Kennedy Veil Tour Dates

Fresh off of their run on The Summer Slaughter Tour, Origin are happy to announce that they will be headlining the 2017 “Bloodletting North America” trek! Continue reading

Cryptopsy Reveals The 2017 Devastation On The Nation Tour Dates

As we told you last month, the 2017 “Devastation On The Nation” tour will feature Cryptopsy, Rivers of Nihil and Gloom, with Decrepit Birth, The Zenith Passage, The Kennedy Veil, Visceral Disgorge and Seeker appearing on select dates.Continue reading

The 2017 Devastation On The Nation Tour Will Feature Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Rivers of Nihil And More

The 2015 “Devastation On The Nation” lineup featured Origin, Krisiun, Aeon, Alterbeast, Soreption and Ingested, and the 2017 lineup is somehow even heavier. Continue reading

Ingested Release ‘The Architect of Extinction’ in January 2015


Manchester extreme metallers Ingested will be issuing The Architect of Extinction on January 12, 2015 in Europe and January 27, 2015 in North America (digital only) via Century Media Records. The album was mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and artwork done by Toshihiro Egawa.

Jason Evans (vocals) comments:

“It’s took us three albums and two EP’s to find our sound, our identity as a band. This album is INGESTED in its purest form; nihilistic, slamming death metal. Every lyric, guitar riff and drum beat on this album is delivered with utter sincerity, we fucking mean it this time. This is the album we have always wanted to create, this is ‘THE ARCHITECT OF EXTINCTION’.
Once again we enlisted the amazing art talents of Toshihiro Egawa, who we worked with on our debut album ‘Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering’ to produce yet another stunning, brutal masterpiece to compliment the audio assault we’ve captured on disc. This album was mixed by Christian Donaldson (BENEATH THE MASSACRE, THE LAST FELONY and CRYPTOPSY) and features guest appearances by Julian Kersey (AEGAEON), Taylor Wientjes (THE KENNEDY VEIL), James Schuster (EIGHTY THOUSAND DEAD / DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS) and Alex Terible (SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL) who have contributed their very own brand of brutality to this record. This is our most definitive work to date and we can’t wait to unleash it on the world.”

The Architect Of Extinction track-listing:
1. The Divine Right Of Kings
2. Narcissistic Apathy
3. Endless Despondency
4. The Heirs To Mankind’s Atrocities
5. I, Despoiler
6. Penance
7. A Nightmare Incarnate
8. Extinction Event
9. Amongst Vermin
10. Rotted Eden

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