ALBUM REVIEW: Drott – Troll


On Troll (By Norse Music) Drott draws from Scandinavian folklore to create a soundtrack for the listener to inhabit a dank, murky forest, with the eponymous troll close enough that you can smell it, delivered via dark, slightly campy electronic rock soundscapes that would feel totally in place in a (not too scary) fantasy/ horror movie. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Wardruna – Live at Kings Theatre 


After three long years the wait is finally over! Wardruna has landed on American soil once again, touring with new material from their 2021 release Kvitravn (Sony/By Norse Recordings). Wardruna, modern ambassadors of ancient Norse music, culture and lore tour with a full load of historical and traditional instruments including deer-hide framed drums, Lur, Tagelharpe, Kraviklyra, Tungehorn, and Jaw-Harp… just to name a few. This, combined with the stunningly unique venues they play worldwide ensures a live performance unlike any other.

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INTERVIEW: Daniel Beckman of Urferd on “Resan” – Norse Music, and More!

Ghost Cult caught up with Daniel Beckman (Twilight Force, Ages) of Urferd! His solo ancient Norse music project just released its debut album “Resan” via Black Lodge Records. Daniel spoke about the genesis of this project, the long road from concept to the finished album, his composing and production styles, new music he is already working on, and much more!

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