Space Probe Taurus – Mondo Satan


In their 23 year existence, stoner rockers Space Probe Taurus can hardly be described as prolific, having only offered one EP release and a contribution to a Blue Cheer tribute compilation before finally releasing their full length debut in 2008. Whatever the reasons behind their snail’s pace in releases, the follow up Mondo Satan (Ripple Music) quickly follows (for them at least, only seven years later).

During this time it is clear however that these Swedes have been fine tuning their craft as Mondo Satan offers an impressive repertoire. Fans of the likes of Clutch and Monster Magnet will definitely find much to love in their brand of fuzzy, stoner rock which veers far from the psychedelic for a more straight forward, gritty rock formula which evokes the desert scene.

The songs are certainly very strong but sadly they are damaged by the weak final production. Of course this style of rock benefits from a raw, grittier vibe than most and its likely this was the aim here; but instead of a classic feel Mondo Satan lacks any impact. The guitar work especially sounds too buried in the mix when it should surely be at the forefront.

They may not quite rival the massive anthems of some of their peers but in Mondo Satan, Space Probe Taurus have proven they can in time become a stand out band on the stoner circuit. In the long time it has taken to release this album they have mastered the art of writing catchy, good times soundtracks; if only they worked on how to record them properly.



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