CONCERT REVIEW: Carpenter Brut – Sierra Live at Brooklyn Steel 


Deep in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a nice long walk from the train, I’ve finally made it to Brooklyn Steel for a night of French musical goodness. Carpenter Brut can be considered both the name of the keyboardist/mastermind who perfers to be anonymous and also the name of the group itself. Take your pick. Starting the two-band bill night was Sierra who is making her American debut on this tour. Her EDM and Darkwave tones set the vibe perfectly for this moody dance night. She also was the sole vocalist performing live at this show. Armed with her DJ rig, drum pads, and hypnotic beats; Sierra is someone I’d like to see again.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Judas Priest – Queensrÿche Live at MGM Music Hall 

MGM Music Hall, Boston, MA 10/16/22

I guess the saying, “three times a charm,” holds true every so often. Judas Priest had to cancel their Boston area shows twice in a row on the last two attempts. Once because guitarist Richie Faulkner came within inches of his life a few dates before and the second time the show was canceled the day of due to Rob Halford being ill. Thankfully everyone is doing well now but after the second time I just assumed the show would never happen. Well clearly I was proven wrong. Moved to the newly opened venue by Fenway Park, The MGM Music Hall in Boston, the show went off without a hitch as part of their tour celebrating their more than 50 years as a band.

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