ALBUM REVIEW: Grief Symposium – …In The Absence of Light

What was the first bit of heavy music you ever heard in your life? Did you level up, gaining mana from the ear-peeling riffs and shouts? Lovers of extreme metal surely have had experiences like this in their lives, where their entire world is tossed upside-down a new band, or a clutch of new demos from an emerging scene. This is how my ears felt hearing Grief Symposium, with a new take on the Death / Doom sub-genre with their debut, …In The Absence of Light (Church Road Records). Although mysterious and secretive, they did not set out to reinvent extreme music, but rather invent themselves, and a sound that should echo for a long time.

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Grief Symposium Shares a New Single for “Veil of Transformation” – Debut Album Coming Soon via Church Road Records

Self-described Monolithic Metal band Grief Symposium has signed with Church Road Records for their forthcoming full-length debut album …In The Absence Of Light. The album is due out on January 27th, 2023 and pre-orders are now live. Stream the first single “Veil of Transformation” now! Continue reading