Scene Queen Shares a New Single and Video “Stuck” ft. 6arelyhuman – Debut Album Due Later in 2024 from Hopeless Records

Assemble your Top 8 and get your glitter graphics ready because the MySpace era is alive and well thanks to Scene Queen and 6arelyhuman. The collaborators have released a brand new track and it’s the ultimate nostalgia anthem. “Stuck” sees both artists embrace their inner Scene Queen with sassy lyrics for the ages and a heavy dose of emo that will transcend you back to the 2005 heyday of skinny jeans, neon makeup, and coontail hair extensions. One thing’s for sure: the two modern-day social media stars are making music that would be profile song-worthy. The track comes from Scene Queen’s debut full-length album, Hot Singles In Your Area, coming later in 2024 from Hopeless Records. Watch the video here:Continue reading