ALBUM REVIEW: Radien – Unissa Palaneet


Since forming in 2014, Sludge band, Radien have released a range of different releases displaying their power and skill in creating their own devastating blackened influenced sounds. Their latest album Unissa Palaneet, despite only being five tracks long, lasts a tremendous forty-six minutes, almost half of which is taken up by the final track, clocking in at twenty-one minutes. As you can tell from the get-go, this isn’t a band with dreams of hitting the charts. It is clear from the offset of their music, these artists have a creative vision of the brutal and animalistic sounds they can present to the world.

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Originally planned for release last year, the fourth album from Welsh progressive doomsters MWWB (formerly known as Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard) had to be delayed after guitarist Paul Michael ‘Dave’ Davies suffered an almost life-ending Covid-related stroke from which he is still recovering. Recorded before his illness, The Harvest (New Heavy Sounds) finally sees the light of day but due to lockdown restrictions in place at the time, the Wrexham five-piece was reduced in size for the recording, the band losing guitarist Wes Leon, and bringing in Black Moth drummer Dom McReady to fill in for regular sticksman James ‘Carrat’ Carrington.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Konvent – Call Down the Sun

“Hell yes…!” Those were my very first thoughts upon hearing the new Konvent. This new cut Call Down The Sun (Napalm Records) grabbed right from the beginning.The new offering is an awesome blend of doom, black and death all wrapped up in a brutal display of metal prowess.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lingua Ignota – Sinner Get Ready

Lingua Ignota’s music has always come with a certain duality as her first three albums cycled through the harshest Industrial textures and the most arresting Neoclassical Darkwave. However, that duality has seemingly been phased out with the release of her fourth full-length, Sinner Get Ready (Sargent House). The walls of noise are considerably subdued in comparison to past outings and the vocals are devoid of screams and distortion, leaving the songs to be primarily driven by sparse piano and organs with layers of melismatic cleans.

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