EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: “From Dreams to Living Things II: Brawling Sparrows Brilliant Moon” Charity Compilation is Streaming in Full

As at least appearing serious music website covering the gamut of extreme and not so extreme music, one thing we are not supposed to do is play favorites. That said, one of our favorite labels is Fiadh Productions. In addition to promoting and uplifting countless artists a year across many darker metal subgenres (Black Metal especially, others too), the label is driven by these guiding princples: supporting animal rescue, animal rights and welfare, being anti-fascist as fuck, vegan, and much more. You can feel good about the label, since it consistently supports worthy charities and causes we also care about. So every tape released, and every purchase made by fans is a win-win. Streaming today here at Ghost Cult From Dreams to Living Things II: Brawling Sparrows Brilliant Moon is a benefit comp with 46 killer bands including several featured at Ghost Cult such as Avulse, Black Birch, Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze, Iravu, Spectral Lore, and more! 100% proceeds will support Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary, which you can learn more about below along with the stream of the comp and the full list of bands!

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