CONCERT REVIEW: OTEP – Inimical Drive – Cemetery Legacy Live at Old Iron Sides


It had been far too long since I have seen OTEP, when I arrived in Sacramento, at the start of a road trip. Other than a few one-offs to celebrate some album anniversaries, the band had not been on tour since 2019 and I have not had the good fortune to see them even then. Excitement was high as I arrived at the venue for the “Sermons of Fire Tour” and mingled with many fans who lined up early, and made some new friends. I saw many with OTEP tattoos and heard personal stories, exchanging some favorite show anecdotes or talking about personal experiences with meeting Otep Shamaya herself. Sac always has great metal fans of all stripes. Amazing stuff. Everyone was buzzing about the show and the new album, coming later in 2023.

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