INTERVIEW: Crucifix of Satanic Tea Co Breaks Down “A Celestial Beating” and The Journey So Far…

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Crucifix of Satanic Tea Co to discuss their new release “A Celestial Beating!” We discussed how he started out in metal, his love of extreme metal, and his love and appreciation of the craft of making tea, social media, and his mom!

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Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski Again Faces Blashepmy Charges in Poland

According to a new report from Loudwire, Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski is facing charges of blasphemy yet again in his home country of Poland. The charge stems from a 2019 image Nergal posted to Facebook, where he’s stepping on artwork of the Virgin Mary on the set of a Me and That Man video shoot. In 2010, Nergal was made to stand trial on blasphemy charges for tearing up a Bible onstage. Nergal won the case, but he also was targeted by the Polish government for a controversial T-shirt design, which resembled the Polish national emblem.

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Lord Of Chaos Film About Norwegian Black Metal Scene To Hit Theaters Soon

Long in the making film Lords of Chaos, based on the popular book about the early history of the original Black Metal scene in Norway will finally hit theaters and On Demand on February 8th 2019. Directed by Swedish filmmaker and one-time Bathory drummer Jonas Åkerlund, also known for videos by Metallica and Rammstein spearheaded the project along with Gunpowder and Sky, and is co-produced by VICE Studios, 20th Century Fox, Scott Free Productions and Insurgent Media. The film premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and currently holds a 91% fresh rating over on Rotten Tomatoes. Watch the trailer below. Continue reading