Storm Drops His New Single “Die Young”

Norwegian metalcore artist, Storm, has just released his brand new single, “Die Young,” which showcases his ability to blend genres. He recently shared a video of the song being performed live on Norway’s Lindmo TV show. You can watch the video and find streaming links for the single in the article below.

Stream “Die Young” here:

This breakdown might be the heaviest I have done to date, and it fits the song perfectly,” Storm shares. He points out that the lyrics says, “I will dance, dance, dance till the day that I die,” and adds, “Mosh pits are a kind of dance, right?

Storm’s talent has already gained him significant recognition. His viral hit “House of Cards” took the internet by storm., amassing several million views on social media. Multiple viral videos later Storm has gathered a huge following on TikTok, proving his ability to connect with audiences worldwide. Moreover, Storm’s success extends beyond social media. He recently made headlines with his performance on Norway’s biggest talk show, Lindmo, where he showcased this upcoming single “Die Young” to a national audience. Additionally, Storm’s achievements include performances at renowned festivals like Summer Breeze Open Air (DE) and Tons of Rock (NO), and in 2024 he will play at one of Europes biggest rock and metal festivals in England; Download festival. At just 15 years old, Norwegian metalcore sensation Storm continues to captivate audiences with his genre-defying music.