STAFF PICKS: Matt Cook’s Top 25 Albums of 2022 

One of the new additions to our global writing team this year was Matt Cook from the Boston area, where our roots run deep. He did a bang-up job for us covering many genres of metal, but usually landing on the grossest Death Metal, the kultest of Black Metal, some heavy Metalcore, or good ol’ punk. Check out his Top 25 Albums of 2022 here.

Honorable Mentions/Runners-up

  1. Ingested
  2. Sentient Horror
  3. Mors Principium Est 
  4. Municipal Waste
  5. Shape Of Despair


20. Dr. Acula – Dr. Acula (Silent Pendulum)

Deathcore bruisers ignite an atom bomb with a hydrogen bomb.


19. Fit For A King – The Hell We Create (Solid State)

Real-life emotional rollercoaster fueled by seering riffs and large hooks.


18. Bloodywood – Rakshak (Self-Released)

In-your-face rapcore atop Indian folk music with colorful, quirky lyrical themes.


17. Allegaeon – Damnum (Metal Blade)

All the pieces fall into place, solidifying Allegaeon’s melodeath supremacy.


16. Psycroptic – Divine Council (Prosthetic)

Vocals on brink of insanity, instruments match untamed aggression


15. Zeal & Ardor – Zeal & Ardor (MVKA)

Tough not to get hooked on this avant-garde pot-pourri.



14. Werewolves – From The Cave To The Grave (Prosthetic)

Brutally groovy and attractively adept follow-up to 2021’s banger.


13. Saor – Origin (Season Of Mist)

On-brand Scottish-infused atmospheric black metal is remarkably replayable 


12. thotcrime – D1G1T4L_DR1FT (Prosthetic)

Purely unhinged cybergrind that endears in its unpredictable pandemonium.


11. Venom Prison – Erebos (Century Media)

Further proof Larissa Stupar belongs behind the mic; penetrating terror-screams.


10. Slugcrust – Ecocide (Prosthetic) 

An out-of-nowhere, diabolical grindcore debut replete with a death metal crust.


09. Sylvaine – Nova (Season Of Mist)

One-woman project features captivating harmonies, brutish harsh vocals.


08. Phobophilic – Enveloping Absurdity (Prosthetic)

Disgusting death metal puts North Dakota on the map.


7. The Halo Effect – Days Of The Lost (Nuclear Blast)

A case study in melodeath bolstered by Stanne’s impeccable vocal cadences.


6. Simple Plan – Harder Than It Looks (Self-released)

Combination of tried-and-true pop-punk and bits of hip hop-inspired numbers.


5. Tomarum – Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons (Prosthetic)

Two-piece debut that features memorable rhythms and sharp vocal patterns.


4. Autopsy – Morbidity Triumphant (Peaceville)

Veteran bruisers not only still have it, but continue to push metal to limits.


3. Bloodbath – Survival Of The Sickest (Napalm Records)

Nick Holmes’s versatility shines on second band; death metal masterpiece.


2. Languish – Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation (Prosthetic)

Unwavering wall of volatile destruction from front to back.


1. Gaerea – Mirage (Season Of Mist)

Lyrical themes and enormous atmosphere makes for full-bodied excellence.