Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, a.k.a. DJ Starscream Deathaus Films’ Horror Comedy “The Midnight Snack”

Slipknot’s DJ Sid Wilson, a.k.a. DJ Starscream, plays the lead role of John in Deathaus Films‘ new offbeat horror/comedy project The Midnight Snack. Behind-the-scenes footage from the making of The Midnight Snack and Wilson’s amazing transformation can be seen below. Sid’s numerous tattoos, including his trademark gas mask face tat, neck ink, and transformers hand tattoos were all covered by expert FX make-up artist and Face Off (SyFy) alumni Laney Chantal with Erica Bunny Armendariz. Sid is seen with dark brunette hair, very different from his distinct red mohawk, and is dressed in white and ’50s denim. Photos of Sid by Cami J Fatat.