Slipknot’s Number 9 Whiskey Now Widely Available to Order

Slipknot, “the only band that matters” according to Metal Sucks, will finally make their acclaimed spirit, Slipknot #9 Whiskey, widely available for the first time this Friday, April 17th 2020. Pre-orders are now being taken at the link below. Voted Best Celebrity Whiskey 2019 by Forbes it is currently available in the USA only but will be made available for purchase in other territories soon.

To celebrate the 2020 release of Slipknot No. 9 Iowa Whiskey Reserve, there will be a 2-part podcast special with Clown on The Fred Minnick Show. Part 1 is available now. Part 2 premieres on Friday below. In August 2019, Slipknot collaborated with the award-winning Iowa-based Cedar Ridge Distillery, which was awarded Distillery of The Year in 2017 (American Distilling Institute), to bring the world original whiskeys rich in Iowa roots, No. 9 Iowa Whiskey and No. 9 Iowa Whiskey RESERVE. Made with homegrown Iowa corn featuring a sweet and spicy flavor and finished with a bold flavor at a higher 99% proof, Slipknot No. 9 Iowa Whiskey Reserve furthers the quality of the No. 9 – maturing an extra year to allow more of the flavor to rock through. The popularity of the Reserve resulted in sell outs across the country since December. Slipknot No. 9 Iowa Whiskey Reserve – 750 ml, 49.5% ABV (99 proof) A blend of 4-5 yr. old straight rye and straight bourbon mashed, fermented, distilled and aged at the Cedar Ridge Distillery.

Pre-orders available now from


Farm-To-Table- Made with Iowa corn from Cedar Ridge’s family farm

Sweet & Spicy- Due to the amount of corn and rye in the mashbill, 56% corn, 36% rye and 8% malted barley

Bold Flavor- Finishing these expressions at higher 99 proof, lead to more robust, complex sipping whiskeys