Skeletal Remains Drop New Single and Video for “Relentless Appetite” from Upcoming Album

American death metallers, Skeletal Remains, have unveiled “Relentless Appetite,” the second single from their upcoming full-length, Fragments of the Ageless. With the album due out March 08th, via Century Media Records, the new single also presents a “pummeling and blood-soaked video,” directed by Steven Grise of 197 Media. Check it out below.

Pre-order Fragments of the Ageless and stream “Relentless Appetite” here.

We feel it’s more brutal than the last one,” says Chris Monroy (guitars/vocals) about the new record. “We were pushing ourselves to be more extreme—vibing on that as much as possible.

Fragments of the Ageless will be available in the following formats:
Ltd. CD Digipak
Ltd. Gatefold transp. magenta LP
Ltd. Gatefold lemon colored LP (300x) available at and Evil Greed
Ltd. Gatefold transp. light blue LP (300x) available at and various other retailers
Ltd. Gatefold Opaque Spring Green LP (US version)
Ltd. Gatefold Sunspot LP (500x) available from US Indie outlets and SKELETAL REMAINS
Digital album

Fragments of the Ageless tracklisting:
01 Relentless Appetite [watch]
02 Cybernetic Harvest
03 To Conquer the Devout
04 Forever in Sufferance
05 Verminous Embodiment
06 Ceremony of Impiety
07 Void of Despair [watch]
08 Unmerciful
09 …Evocation (The Rebirth)

Skeletal Remains Live:
12/08: Little Rock, AR @ Rev Room **
12/09: Abilene, TX @ The Zone **

Lyrically, Skeletal Remains took the left-hand path. Rather than topics and themes inspiring the cover art, Dan Seagrave’s (Suffocation, Entombed) famously atramentous detail conversely informed the lyrics and album title. Monroy says they had working titles that they conveyed to Seagrave, but the final painting sparked the title, Fragments of the Ageless. Of course, the usual influx of sci-fi, historical, personal struggles, and fantastical also played a part.

Seagrave completed the cover art before we had a title,” Monroy says. “That was kind of different, but it worked in our favor. The cover art directly inspired a few of the lyrics and musical themes, tying multiple pieces together, which is a first for us. We did show him different pieces of art—10 in all, I think—that we liked, so there was direction. We wanted a mixture of things, with the final idea being a creature being taken apart and its DNA extracted. Seagrave’s crazy brain made it all come to life.

Skeletal Remains recorded Fragments of the Ageless at various home and professional studios. Most of the guitars, bass, and solos were tracked DIY. The band wanted the drums to sound as imposing as possible, so they booked Trench Studios (Intronaut, Hirax) with John Haddad, while the vocals were cut at Birdcage Studios with Allen Falcon (Pestilent Death). Once the album’s core had been recorded, Monroy and the team sent their sick slab to Swedish studio ace Dan Swanö (Asphyx, Incantation) for mixing and mastering.

While Skeletal Remains have had four full-lengths since forming in 2011, Fragments of the Ageless is the band in their highest grotesque gear yet.

Chris Monroy – guitars/vocals
Mike De La O – guitars
Pierce Williams – drums
Brian Rush – bass

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