RPM Fest Announces Full Lineup With Tombs, Child Bite, INCITE, Acid Witch And More

Child Bite, by OJC Pics/Omar Cordy

RPM Fest, New England’s biggest heavy music and camping festival, featuring 50 bands on three stages has announced their full lineup for this summers’ event. The fest is headed up by Tombs, Acid Witch, Child Bite, INCITE, Against the Grain, S.N.A.F.U., Dead Empires, BARISHI, Heavy Temple, Cortez, Solium Fatalis, Hey Zeus, Epicenter, Ice Giant, Age of Embers, CAZADOR, VRSA, Goblet, Hepatagua, Jeopardy, Bellower, Lobotomobile, Das Muerte, The Beast of Nod, The Damaged, Worshipper, Sonic Pulse, Virus of Ideals, The Humanoids and many more bands seen below.

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