Morass of Molasses – So Flows Our Fate


Anyone with their ear to the ground may have heard the faint rumblings of Reading based Morass of Molasses. Since their conception in 2013 the band have been working hard touring the UK up to the release of their début EP So Flows Our Fate (Wicked Boy). Moving from a live sound to recorded, there is always a danger that a band will lose some of their signature sound, however, as their name suggests, this stoner trio have turned up the fuzz for a thick wall of noise that is anything other than a sweet treat.

A lone guitar introduces us into the EP as we are dragged into opening track ‘Rotten Teeth.’ Starting as it means to continue, ‘Rotten Teeth’ may be one of the heavier tracks on this EP but contains what becomes a signature sound for the band, big instrumentals dropping down to slow quiet passages with a clean sound. Formed of just one guitar, bass and drums, the sound is surprising full for such a sparse line-up. While the sound may have benefited from additional parts, it certainly isn’t screaming for anything extra.

While it isn’t full of complex rhythms, it does have some charm in its simplicity, tuning itself back to the basic formula of catchy riffs, solid grooves and restrained vocal performance. Morass of Molasses have placed their sound right back in the roots of what stoner always should be: monolithic riffing, a great fuzz tone and, at its heart, solid groove.



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