Record Store Day Black Friday Essentials

Record Store Day Black Friday not only supports artists and labels you love but it an opportunity to support small businesses, indie record shops and basically keep your scene alive, And if you can’t get out of the house, for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, don’t have a lot of money to spend, or just plain hate consumerism, consider heading over to our pals at Bandcamp and purchase even one track from one of your favorite bands. Consider joining Metal Bandcamp Gift Club or starting your own with friends. If you are participating in #RSDBlackFriday2018, Ghost Cult has you covered with our exhaustive list below.

Among the top Record Store Day Black Friday essential albums and limited edition releases, consider merch from Alice Cooper, A Perfect Circle, Babymetal, Ben Folds, Bobby Gentry, Bob Marley And The Wailers, Bonnie Raitt, Børns, Chris Cornell, Collective Soul, Difford & Tilbrook With Questlove & Robert Glasper, Dio, Disney Soundtracks, Ella Fitzgerald, Emmet Otter, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa Garbage, Gravediggaz, Guns N Roses, Ingrid Michaelson, Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, Kacey Musgraves, Lindsey Stirling, Madonna, Manchester Orchestra, Matthew Sweet, Night Beats, Paul Mccartney, Ray Lamontagne, Sheryl Crow, Soul Asylum, Sting & Shaggy, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Joy Formidable, The Replacements, The Smithereens, Tom Morello, Tom Waits, Tony Bennett & Diana Krall, Too $HORT, Trey Anastasio, Type O Negative, U2, Unwritten Law, Weezer and many more.

Some quotes about the meaning of RSD and music by artists:

Lzzy Hale

“As a band, our love of records and actual CDs has never waned. There’s something spiritual about holding an album in your hands, and reading through the lyrics while you are losing yourself in the music. I will pass my collection of records down to my kids and grand kids someday so that they can experience the magic that just CAN’T be downloaded. Record Store Day is our turn to show our appreciation for the people that allow us to live our dreams through music. There is nothing more powerful than possessing a piece of art that your favorite band has worked so hard to push into the world. Lets keep these stores alive…see you on Record Store Day!”

Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)

“It’s sad to see some of the developments in society, where everyday, more and more things conform toward a bland, non-diverse medium or “standard” if you will – The big, monetarily strong chainstores and companies are slowly burying the smaller, diverse (read: cool) indie ones!! No matter if it’s clothes, music or otherwise – this steady decline of uniqueness, diversity and “individual expression” is truly scary!!

In all honesty, how cool is it to have to go into a 100.000 Square ft, flourescent lighted warehouse, where none of the “meek, perfect skin, fuckwhat’s – type employees” know the first thing about any music outside of what’s on billboard’s top ten – only to find that the brand new Slayer album you so desire to own, is found on the “cd-pick-o-the-week” rack, right in between the spankingly fresh releases of Ms Aguilera and Dance Mania no.987…!?!?…Honestly…

Support your local indie and underground stores! Seriously!! For the good of all!!”

Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

Independent retail has always been the backbone of Porcupine Tree’s exposure in the US, and from the very beginning, the band was proactive in trying to associate with as many indie retail stores/chains as possible. We’ve always respected the aesthetics of the “pure” record store, and the importance of knowledgeable staff who can recommend great stuff to you because they truly love music and know what they’re talking about, and are not selling vacuum cleaners or washer/dryers in the next section over. Porcupine Tree would never have reached its level of retail exposure without the indie stores, we’ll always stand with them.”

“None of us would be here if it weren’t for independent record stores. It’s the place you go to get inspired; to find something off the beaten path. They are a wonderful resource to discover new local talent or something you can’t find anywhere else. You believe in the place because it’s run by music lovers. You trust, take chances and discover new things. You leave with an armful of records feeling like you’re part of a community that supports MUSIC. And you can’t wait to get home and listen.”

“There’s nothing better than going into a record store and browsing the shelves. If it’s an independent record store, that’s all the more reason to support these folks who still make the music happen.”

Fat Mike (NOFX)

“If it wasn’t for independent record stores, I would be a San Fernando valley real estate agent.”

Brian Fair (Shadows Fall, Downpour)

“Independent record stores have always been the only place to find great music that is off the mainstream radar. I used to love heading down to our local spot to sift through the new imports or albums from some small label I had never heard of. In the days before the internet the only way to find out about new underground bands was either a cool neighbor an older brother or the local independent record store. Luckily I had both and it lead to a record collection I am still very proud of. I still love that feeling of walking into a great independent store and having no idea what I might find. It’s like a treasure hunt. Hahaha”


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