Psycho Las Vegas 2018: Live From Hard Rock Hotel And Casino

Psycho Las Vegas has grown and evolved over the years and has shaken off any comparisons to niche European fests and your traditional US fest, itself having no close comparisons, and being its own beast. Having everything under one roof including your stay can lead to late and debaucherous nights for some, packed and planned diverse schedules for the devout, a little compromise of both for others, but an all around good time for all. For a journalist working the fest, it goes by in a blur but you still experience having those stand out moments as well as highlights of your own.





My highlights this year included, Haunt who opened the whole shebang on Thursday at the pool party was one of the reasons I wanted to go and did not disappoint. Dvne opening Friday was my personal standout of the day. Boris is Boris and always deserves a mention, Tinariwen was the standout sleeper of the day that few were aware of but left with their interests peaked and on the tongues of attendees. Integrity closing out the pool on Friday night was also a lot of fun. (Witchcraft, unfortunately, had visa issues and were not able to perform).


Saturday standouts being Uada who blew me away, Monolord was probably the loudest band of the weekend and dominated the main stage. Voivod melted faces metaphorically and physically with outdoor temps reaching 109 degrees. Magic Sword may have started at 2am but I wouldn’t have missed it for any reason, but the true highlight of the day was Batushka absolutely spectacular, a sonic adventure that soothes the soul.

Sunday saw me have work that kept me away from the stages more than I would have liked but I needed to see Indian it wasn’t debatable and if you missed it and you were there, Why? Eight Bells was a magical experience that left me tingly and euphoric, my favorite of the last day.