Psychic Graveyard Share a Single and Video for “Stuffed With Secrets” – New Album Coming Soon

Psychic Graveyard – comprised of members of groups like Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student, Some Girls, and All Leather – have shared their latest single, “Stuffed With Secrets.” It is taken from their upcoming LP Wilting, due out June 7, via Artofact Records. Check it out below and read more from the band.

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“When writing an album, our songs often take shape in a variety of ways,” recalls Eric Paul. “However, ‘Stuffed Full of Secrets’ was one of the songs that Nathan presented to us as a fully realized piece. Upon hearing it, Paul, Charles, and I were immediately captivated. As for the lyrics, they were inspired by a recurring dream I’ve been experiencing lately. In this dream, I am a scarecrow, and it typically concludes after cycling through all four seasons. There’s a simplicity I find appealing—I have one task: to exist. My sole fear: is fire. When I shared the dream in a recent counseling session, my therapist remarked, ‘Someone is asking you to do something you are not capable of.’ Despite this, I still looked forward to falling asleep, eager to do just one thing.”

Wilting tracklisting:
01 Your Smile is a Hoax
02 Eyes Are Turning
03 Stuffed With Secrets
04 Sword Through My Neck
05 Lives The Size of An Eyelash
06 Broke All Their Ladders
07 Haunted By Your Bloodline
08 Scar in the Shape of the United States
09 Handcrafts Our Happiness
10 Bellow’s Funeral Home

Simply checking the pedigrees (ex-Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars, Some Girls, Doomsday Student, and Hot Nerdz) will only get you so far with Psychic Graveyard. With a manic output of four full-length albums—Loud As Laughter, A Bluebird Vacation, Veins Feel Strange, and now the brilliant Wilting–in nearly as many years, Psychic Graveyard makes consistently thrilling and unsettled sonic artifacts for a world emptied out and flattened by a joyless and sociopathic mediascape. But some things do stay consistent across their ruptured anti-aesthetic: Charles Ovett’s relentless workflow on the drums; the burbling sawtooth substructures, grimy lead synths, and deconstructed guitars supplied by Nathan Joyner and Paul Vieira; and, of course, vocalist Eric Paul’s many narrators and personas, who find form as ghosts howling from within the machine or as agitated surrealists living lives huddled in the grimmest of redoubts. On the new LP Wilting, once again a product of geographic dispersion (Providence and San Diego), the band invites the listener to peel back the pedigrees and fall headlong into their twitchy waking dream.

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