Profanatica and Others Joined by Absynth Minded, Demogorgon, Faceripper, and Dysmorphia at Burque Rock City Fest

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Burque Rock City Fest has just announced the final bands to be added to its 2024 lineup. Absynth Minded, Demogorgon, Faceripper, and Dysmorphia now join Rebelmatic, Profanatica, Weedeater, and more at the event Sunday, June 2nd at The Launchpad & Insideout Downtown. The organisers have also added a warmup show on the Saturday. Keep reading below for more information.

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New additions are Dysmorphia from Dallas, Absynth Minded From Pueblo, CO featuring Lenzig From Cephalic Carnage, NM death metal Legends Demogorgon from Las Vegas, NM, and Albuquerque’s own Faceripper. The rest of the lineup is completed by Profanatica, Weedeater, Rebelmatic, Maul, Noisear, Stormruler, Plunge, and Night Child.

Founder/Festival Coordinator Roman Barham of Monolith On The Mesa (festival) and Red Mesa (band) has also announced the Burque Rock City II Preshow on June 1st at Ren’s Den. The all ages show will feature Dysphotic, Sage Cornelius, Sorry Guero, Inferno Antichrist, dissatisfied, Exist To Infect, and Cult Sister.

Limited Edition T-shirts and Hoodies will be available at the festival’s merch booth.

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