Primitive Warfare’s East Coast US Tour Kicks Off

American war metallers, Primitive Warfare, are kicking off their East Coast Assault tour, June 18th, in Atlanta, GA. The live run comes in support of the band’s debut full-length, Extinction Protocol, which was unleashed on May 10, via the labels Stygian Black Hand (vinyl) and Godz ov War Productions (CD). Joining them will be Ares Kingdom along with Black Eucharist. Keep reading below for the new live listings.

Get Extinction Protocol here:

Primitive Warfare U.S. tour dates
(w/ Ares Kingdom + Black Eucharist)
06/18: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
06/19: Charlotte, NC @ The Rabbit Hole [tickets]
06/20: Richmond, VA @ Banditos [tickets]
06/21: Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery [tickets]
06/22: New York, NY @ Gold Sounds [tickets]

Extinction Protocol tracklisting:
01 Pulpit of the Conqueror (Mutually Assured Desecration) (04:07)
02 Nuclear Regression (04:03)
03 Engulfed By Satanic Might (03:25)
04 Spears of Emission (03:35)
05 Witness! (03:24)
06 Extinction Protocol (03:26)
07 Iron Sight Omnipotence (04:46)
08 Heretic Crusade (04:39)
Full running time: (00:31:27)

Listen to “Nuclear Regression” here:

Primitive Warfare’s Extinction Protocol is a fine example of pure cutting edge sonic mutilation, raw and powerful! It reminds me of the early days of South American black metal with a touch of modern sonic craft. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!” – Iggor Cavalera

U235 – Desecrator of Fate’s Strings and Sonant Nuclear Discharge
Pu239 – Atomic Matter Battery and Operatic Moral Torment

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