PREVIEW: New Music Friday – New Rock and Metal Releases 3.22.24


What new albums are you excited for this week!?


Aberration – Refracture (Sentient Ruin Records)
Acahexis – Immerse (Amor Fati Records)
Apparition – Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State (Profound Lore Records)
Artificial Language – Distant Glow EP (Self-Released)
Ashen Reach – The Fear EP (Self-Released)
Avralize – Freaks (Arising Empire Records)
The Bleak Picture – Meaningless (Ardua)
Brodequin – Harbinger Of Woe (Season Of Mist)
Browbeat – Unbreakable (Time To Kill Records)
Carpet – Collision (Kapitan Platte)
Chapel Of Samhain – Black Onyx Cave (Nuclear Winter Records)
Civerous – Maze Envy (20 Buck Spin)
Cruzh – The Jungle Revolution (Frontiers srl)
Daevar – Amber Eyes (The Lasting Dose Records)
Deception – Daenacteh (Mighty Music)
Devastation – Rise Of The Dead (Empire Records)
Dödsrit – Nocturnal Will (Wolves Of Hades)
Duindwaler – In Het Heemskerks Duin (Void Wanderer Records)
Fall Of Serenity – Open Wide, O Hell (Lifeforce Records)
Ghostkid – Hollywood Suicide (Century Media Records)
Glitter Wizard – Hunting Gatherers Re-Release (Ripple Music)
Hamferð – Men Guðs hond er sterk (Metal Blade Records)
Hammer King – König und Kaiser (Napalm Records)
Hashtronaut – No Return (Blues Funeral Records)
Hideous Divinity – Unextinct (Century Media Records)
Keygen Church – Nel Nome Del Codice (Metal Blade Records)
Leaves Eyes – Myths Of Fate (AFM Records)
Lhaäd – Beneath (Amor Fati Records)
The Lightbringer – Seven Thrones (Self-Released)
Livgone – Almost There (Svart Records)
Martin Gonzalez – Suspiro (Self-Released)
Mastiff – Deprecipice (MNRK Heavy)
Monolith – Hornets Nest (Self-Released)
Pyramid – Beyond Borders Of Time (Subsound Records)
Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol – Big Dumb Riffs (Permanent Teeth)
Saicobab – NRTYA (Thrill Jockey Records)
Severoth – By The Way Of Light (Avantgarde Music)
Shakin’ Street – Scarlet: The Old Waldorf, August 1979 (Liberation Hall)
Spaced – This Is All We Ever Get (Revelation Records)
Stormhunter – Best Before: Death (MDD Records)
Sylvaine – Eg Er Framand EP (Season Of Mist)
Thor – Ride Of The Iron Horse (Cleopatra Records)
Thornbridge – Daydream Illusion (Massacre Records)
VR Sex – Hard Copy (Dais Records)
The Wizards – The Exit Garden (High Roller Records)
Wombat Supernova – Apewoman Vs Turbo (Self-Released)
Yobrepus – A Rhizome Revolution – Part 1 (Apollon Records)
Zombi – Direct Inject (Relapse Records)

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