Prefers To Hide In The Dark Streams Their Cover of “Voices” by Dream Theater

Multi-national Progressive Rock and metal band Prefers To Hide In The Dark is now streaming their cover of Dream Theater’s “Voices” which was originally released on DT’s debut album Awake. Initially shared as a full-band playthrough video on March 8th, 2024, the track is streaming on all DSPs now. Their previous single “Atlas” featuring Shelby Logan Warne was released in 2023. Formed in 2021, the band is finishing their second full-length album, for release at a later date. Stream and watch “Voices” now!

Prefers to Hide in the Dark is a progressive rock band founded in 2021, built around large-scale concept pieces, operatic vocal harmony, and hypnotic rhythm. The band straddles both contemporary prog, through heavy guitars and complex polyrhythm, and earlier psychedelic rock with extended jamming and experimental improvisation. 

Songwriter Paul Samber (Mucous Lavender, Salted Wounds) and vocalist Rob Poston (Concordat, Kolobus) assembled the project around a passion for understated, thought-provoking mood-pieces, which developed into the recorded sound as drummer Diane Galen (Chasmhead, Radio Eroticism) injected a driving, disorientating rhythmic edge. Sam Higgins (Kyros, Great Manta) later joined to round off the sound on bass, completing the line-up.