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Heseblad interview!

INTERVIEW: Hekseblad’s Bruxa on “The Witcher” Themed Black Metal of “Kaer Morhen”

Liquid Death x e.l.f. Cosmetics Corpse Paint Make-up tutorial, High On Fire 5 Minute Review. Interviews with Jason Evans of Ingested, Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L., Chris Evans of Lord Dying, Sundrifter full band interview, Hekseblad feature interview by Morgan Y. Evans, Queen on GLacially Musical, Vaquero debut single, Death Wishlist debut album out now, Lambgoat Media, Sticker Mule, Roadburn, Sonic Temple, Welcome To Rockville, Sick New World, Punk Rock Bowling, Beachlife Festival, Fest 22 (22024), This Is Hardcore, Louder Than Life, Four Chord Fest 10, Osheaga Festival, Planet Desert Rock Weekend, SWR Barroselas Metal Fest, New York City Tattoo Arts Convention Hardcore lineup, Bury Your Dead “Cover Your Tracks Set” coming to Furnace Fest, System of A Down and Deftones sells out SF, Rival Sons and Clutch tour dates, The Last Martyr, Duff McKagen EU tour, Sessanta (Pucifer, Primus, a Perfect Circle last few weeks, Lacuna Coil new tour, Babyklok redux this week, Dayseeker tour, Converge SA tour postponed until fall, Dead Register tour, Ware Are One punk show, Doyle and OTEP tour continues, Jeremy Saffer exhibition opens in LA, Stay Cats summer tour dates, Jesus Piece and Sanguisugabog tour kickoff, Gorgoroth toue with Mortiis, Esceula Grind Puerto Rico date, Master Boot Record books EU dates, I Am The Avalanche canceled tour with Grumpster?, Amigo the Devil EU tour with Nate Bergman, Chevelle and Tiger Cub tour, D.R.U.G.S. Tour, Obituary tour, Underoath crucial album anniversary tour, Frail Body and State Faults, Record Store Day, Rock Hall of Fame incoming, What is Slipknot teasing, Beavis and Butthead on SNL, Frozen Soul new White Zombie Cover, My Dying Bride fests and tours canceled, Metallica news, Dawn of The Dead returns to theaters, Total Eclipse of The Heart gets a bump on Spotify, Better Lovers new video, Inter Arma, Prong Rush cover music video, Yoshiki donates money to Taiwan Earthquake relief, Courtney Love calls out Taylor Swift, Dazed and Confused Action figure, Monkey Man film has a Bloodywood song in it, Blood incantation new video, Evergreen Terrace in the studio, New Music Friday, and in our Mailbag: new Melvins vinyl unboxing!

New music out this week for New Music Friday!

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