Parkway Drive, Azusa, Nordjevel, Combichrist, Caspian and More Added To Brutal Assault Fest 2019

Brutal Assault 2019 has added another bunch of bands for the next edition of the festival! New bands added include Parkway Drive, Azusa, Nordjevel, Combichrist, Caspian, Violent Magic Orchestra, Caspian, Déluge, Frog Leap, and Hexis. the bill with more to come. One-hundred and thirty bands will play in the ancient and legendary Josefov Fortress castle on four stages all weekend from 7 -10 August 2019. The full list of bands so far can be seen below and tickets are on sale now from the event page.

Facebook event and link to buy tickets:


The line-up for Brutal Assault 2019 so far:

Aborted, After The Burial, Alien Weaponry, Agnostic Front, Animals As Leaders, Annal Nathrakh, Anathema, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Antaeus, Anthrax, Azusa, Batushka, Car Bomb, Carcass, Carpenter Brut, Caspian, Combichrist, Counting Hours, Coven, Crystal Lake, Cult Of Luna, Cytotoxin, Dr. Living Dead, Decapitated, Deicide, Daughters, Deluge, Demolition Hammer, Destruction, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Ektomorf, Electric Wizard, Emperor, Ensiferum, Eyehategod, Frog Leap, Get The Shot, Godflesh, Gorod, Gutalax, Gost, Heilung, Hellhammer – Triumph Of Death, Hexis, Higher Power, Hypocrisy, Immolation, Iron Reagan, Jinjer, Jungle Rot, Krisiun, Letters From The Colony, Lionheart, Manes, Meshuggah, Metal Church, Mgła, Midnight, Monster Magnet, Myrkur, Napalm Death, Necros Christos, Nordjevel, Of Mice & Men, Oceans Of Slumber, Parkway Drive, Perfecitizen, Primordial, Prong, Raised Fist, Rotting Christ, Sacred Reich, Saor, Shape Of Despair, Sick Of It All, Slægt, Skeletal Remains, Slapshot, Sodom, Soilwork, Taake, Tankard, Taphos, Testament, The Arson Project, The Contortionist, The Obsessed, The Ocean, Therion, Thy Art Is Murder, Toska, Unfathomable Ruination, Vampillia, Vargrav, Venom Prison, Violator, Violent Magic Orchestra, Voivod, Vuur, Vulvodynia, Walls Of Jericho, Windhand, Wolfbrigade, Woe Unto Me, Wormed, and Zuriaake.