NEW MUSIC FRIDAY – New Rock and Metal Releases 12-1-23


What new Rock & Metal records are you looking forward to this week!?


Abyssal Rift – Extirpation Dirge (Sentient Ruin Records) (Buy)

Aggression – Frozen Aggressors (Massacre Records) (Buy)

Bjørkø – Heartrot (Svart Records) (Buy)

Cobra Spell – 666 (Napalm Records) (Buy)

Codeseven – Go Let It In (Equal Vision Records) (Buy)

Cryptosis – The Silent Call EP (Century Media Records) (Buy)

Demoncy – Black Star Gnosis (Dark Descent Records) (Buy)

Dune Pilot – Magnetic (Argonauta Records) (Buy)

Extortionist – Devoid EP (Unique Leader Records) (Buy)

Full of Hell & Nothing – When No Birds Sing (Closed Casket Activities) (Buy)

Gilded Form – Gilded Form (Burning World Records) (Buy)

Going Off – Kill List EP (Church Road Records) (Buy)

Helfró – Tálgröf (Season Of Mist) (Buy)

Immortal Guardian – Unite And Conquer (Massacre Records) (Buy)

L’il Lotus – Nosebleed – (Epitaph Records) (Buy)

Necronemesis – Warfield Forever EP (HPGD)Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (Buy)

Panopticon – The Rime Of Memory (Bindrune Recordings) (Buy)

Paradise Lost – Icon 30 (Nuclear Blast Records) (Buy)

Pharm – The Tower EP (Self-Released) (Buy)

Plini – Mirage EP (Self-Released) (Buy)

Robben Ford – Night In The City (earMusic) (Buy)

Soulprison – Lucid Nightmare EP (Blood Blast Distribution) (Buy)

Swansong – Awakening (Noble Demon
Records) (Buy)

Unprocessed – And Everything In Between (Self-Released) (Buy)

Visions Of Atlantis – A Pirate’s Symphony (Napalm Records) (Buy)

Walking Corpse – Our Hands, Your Throat (Transcending Obscurity) (Buy)


The Usual Suspects: 

🎤 Micaela Petersen


 💻 Omar Cordy 


 🎵 Fahad Syed