n0trixx Shares Video for “Hard To Be A God” – New EP Out Now

Exiled Russian “bedlamcore” artist, n0trixx has just released her new EP, Rejected. It was produced entirely by n0trixx in her bedroom studio in a small village in Turkey, and mixed by London-based electronic producer External Subway. The artist has also just shared the lyric video for “Hard To Be A God.” Check it out in the article below.

Get Rejected here.


Even after leaving Russia, I’m deeply concerned with the political situation there,” n0trixx explains. “Drawing inspiration from the Strugatsky Brothers’ masterpiece of the same name, and using grotesque imagery of a nation slipping into the darkness by defying knowledge and intellect, it’s an attack on my compatriots who refuse to open their eyes to the atrocities that they are allowing to happen.


The EP’s lead single “Do I Exist” and follow up “Morphine” were released earlier this year.


Commenting on the record, and the power she ultimately found in accepting rejection, n0trixx says: “The EP is called Rejected because one of my mental health diagnoses is Borderline Personality Disorder, which makes people highly sensitive to rejection. As it happens, every track on this EP had been rejected one way or another by the people who didn’t believe in me, because they only cared about numbers. The people I looked up to ignored and bypassed me. In turn I rejected them and their values and I stood for what I believed in. I decided to finish every song by myself.


Now, a year later, when I actually have a very loyal fan base welcoming every solo track that I put out, I could not be happier about the choice I made. I believe that I created something far better than anything I could have made with those people who put material things first. I accepted the rejection and proved to myself that I don’t need anyone to create the music that I love.


Rejected EP tracklist:

01 Tvar

02 Do I Exist

03 Hard to Be a God

04 Hatred

05 Satn

06 14 Left

07 Morphine


n0trixx’s previously released standalone single “Agoraphobic,” was added to Spotify’s misfits 2.0 playlist, with “Sweet Baby” played on BBC introducing Manchester.


Following on from recent live appearances in Turkey, n0trixx will perform a handful of select UK live shows later this month, including a performance on 24th November at The Engine Rooms Rehearsal Studios, London to celebrate the release of the EP.


n0trixx Live:

November 24 23 – Engine Rooms Rehearsal Studios, London – EP launch gig – (tickets)

November 26 23 – GrimFest, The Priory Centre, St. Neots – (tickets)

December 01 23 – The Heys Inn, Oswaldtwistle – (tickets)


More from n0trixx:

On March 8th 2022, International Women’s Day, n0trixx was arrested in Moscow for a peaceful demonstration against the war on Ukraine. She was armed with a single sheet of A4 paper that read “Peace, Friendship, 8th of March.”


Making the decision to leave her homeland and currently living in an undisclosed location in Europe, in order to release her music and continue speaking out against the Russian regime safely, n0trixx has had to protect her identity by striking her face from all photos and wearing her custom-made mask, which also allows her to express and explore her experience of living with dissociative identity disorder (DID).


I’ve always been a fighter for justice,” she said last year. “What’s happening right now in Ukraine is making me so angry that I just cannot keep it inside anymore. When I was arrested after my so-called protest—which wasn’t even protesting, I was just trying to explain how the situation is right now—I couldn’t believe that people were getting arrested so easily.


The last time I protested was in 2018. Things were not that bad because you could just get lost within the crowd. Right now, how it happens, you take it to the streets, you go into the centre, there is no one there. Literally no one there. There are no protests, even though there are already 15,000 people arrested after protesting. How does that happen?


As a result of her Dissociative Identity Disorder, caused by being forced to suppress her emotions following the death of her father in her teenage years, n0trixx now has two distinct personalities vying for her attention. One of them is a rapper and producer who makes “sick bedlamcore music”. The other is a successful investment banker. She is a passionate mental health advocate and encourages her fans to speak out about their problems and seek help for the issues that they face.


In 2022 she launched a discord community for mutual mental health support with her fans which has now grown into one of the top servers for trap metal lovers. She is also part of Neurodivergent Crew, a collective of four artists with different mental health diagnoses (DID, ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia) who have joined together to raise awareness and speak up on behalf of neurodivergent people.


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