MY FAVOURITE CONCERT MEMORY – Lee McKinney of Born of Osiris

As part of the build-up to the release of the Ghost Cult approved new Born of Osiris album The Simulation (Sumerian) you can read our review here – guitarist Lee McKinney reflects on a pivotal moment in his life – his first, and favourite, concert memory and how it led on to influencing his own playing.

Read on…

My first concert ever was Carlos Santana. At the time, it was an amazing experience to watch him play, and that is all I took from it. As years go on, I realize that I was really more influenced by his melodic playing style than I realized.

I’d have to guess that I was between 10-12 years of age. My dad took me to the concert. My dad is really responsible for most things music in my life. He bought me my first guitar, showed me all my first Metal records, and really instilled the belief in me that the only person that could stop me from accomplishing my dreams was myself.

The Santana concert was in Chicago, Illinois. I ended up playing this same venue many years later multiple times with the Vans Warped Tour and the Mayhem Festival. On the last few Born of Osiris tours, we started listening to Santana before the set. It’s all really feel good style music.

It wasn’t until we started jamming it all again that I continued to realize his ongoing influence in my style and love for guitar.

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