Mos Generator, Lo-Pan, Duel, Come To Grief, Heavy Temple Booked For Descendants Of Crom Fest

Blackseed Records Presents the Descendants of Crom Festival, a three-day underground heavy music festival is taking over Pittsburgh, PA this coming weekend for its second annual event. Billing itself as “A Gathering Of Rock, Doom, Sludge, And Metal” in the Steel City, Descendents of Crom Fest takes place September 27th to 29th at Howlers and Cattivo clubs and features Mos Generator, Lo-Pan, Duel, Come To Grief, Heavy Temple, Worshipper, Devil To Pay, Freedom Hawk, Disenchanter, Geezer and many more. There is also a Pre-fest Gala and other events all weekend long! Full set times, venue info and ticket info can be found at the links below.

September 28th – 29th @ Cattivo / Pre-Gala September 27th @ Howlers


Mos Generator, Lo-Pan, Come To Grief, Duel, Devil To Pay, Freedom Hawk, Disenchanter, Geezer, Howling Giant, Forming The Void, Sierra, Toke, Heavy Temple, Cavern, Demon Eye, Ironflame, Horehound, Worshipper, Doomstress, Wolftooth, Doctor Smoke, River Cult, Curse The Son, Urns, Eternal Black, Thunderbird Divine, Yatra, Molasses Barge, Solarburn, The Long Hunt, Jakethehawk

Pre-Gala: Destroyer Of Light, Rebreather, Fist Fight In The Parking Lot, Gran Gila, Mires


Two and Three Day full event passes and Single day tickets available.

Pre-gala is limited to 75 tickets and selling fast, get your tickets now!

Full Lineup & Schedule:

Thurs. Sept. 27 – Pittsburgh, PA – Howlers – Descendants Of Crom Pre-Gala

9:00p – Gran Gila

9:40p – Mires

10:20p – Fist Fight In The Parking Lot

11:10p – Rebreather

12:00a – Destroyer of Light

Fri.& Sat. Sept. 28-29 – Pittsburgh, PA – Cattivo – Descendants Of Crom

Two Stages (Blackseed “BL” & Riff Relevant “RR”)

Friday 9/28:

RR: 4:20p – The Long Hunt

BL: 4:45p – Solarburn

RR: 5:10p – Yatra

BL: 5:35p – Eternal Black

RR: 6:00p – Curse The Son

BL: 6:30p – Doctor Smoke

RR: 7:00p – Horehound

BL: 7:30p – Doomstress

RR: 8:00p – Demon Eye

BL: 8:30p – Sierra

RR: 9:00p – Heavy Temple

BL: 9:30p – Disenchanter

RR: 10:05p – Howling Giant

BL: 10:40p – Devil To Pay

RR: 11:15p – Lo-Pan

BL: 12:00a – Come To Grief

Saturday 9/29:

BL: 4:45p – Urns

RR: 5:10p – Jakethehawk

BL: 5:35p – Thunderbird Divine

RR: 6:00p – River Cult

BL: 6:30p – Molasses Barge

RR: 7:00p – Worshipper

BL: 7:30p – Wolftooth

RR: 8:00p – Ironflame

BL: 8:30p – Cavern

RR: 9:00p – Toke

BL: 9:30p – Forming The Void

RR: 10:05p – Geezer

BL: 10:40p – Freedom Hawk

RR: 11:20p – Mos Generator

BL: 12:05a – Duel

Descendants Of Crom is presented by Blackseed Records

Sponsors and Exhibitors:

Andy Alm Custom Knives, Earthquaker Devices, MIBK Silk Screeners, Iron City Beer, Ravenwood Collective, The Metal Edge, Black Forge Coffee House, RPS Effects, Riff Relevant, StonerRockLives, Mettle Media PR

Pre-Gala: Sept. 27th, Howlers, 4509 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

DoC: Sept. 28-29th, Cattivo, 146 44th St, Lawrenceville, PA 15201