Michael Gibbons Jr., Early Lead Guitarist for New York Hardcore Band Leeway, Has Died 

Sad news to report that Michael Gibbons Jr., an OG lead guitar player best known for his early records with New York Hardcore band Leeway, has died. No cause of death has been revealed as of press time. Friends in other bands and fans have shared news of his passing along with loving tributes on social media. In addition to playing on the influential first two full-length albums from Leeway, 1989’s classic Born To Expire, and 1991’s Desperate Measures (both Profile Records), Gibbons Jr. also played in the band Black Ice and Drunken Ozzy’s. Although retired from music, he remained well liked and active in the scene, participating in the recently released Leeway documentary, and as a guest on Hardcore centric podcasts such as the New York Hardcore Chronicles. RIP.