Michael Des Barres Shares New Single “Bounce Back Baby”

Michael Des Barres, in collaboration with Kris Rodgers (Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems, Kurt Baker) released his new single “Bounce Back Baby” this week. The rock n’ roll icon, musician, actor, and Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio host put out the new track on Wicked Cool Records. Check it out in the article below.

Stream “Bounce Back Baby” here.


Des Barres says, “I have always admired Kris Rodgers’s work. I felt he had an innate rhythm and blues feel to his songwriting. I wanted to do a couple of songs with piano and wonderful backup singers, and also with his great band, the Dirty Gems. I am so pleased with the results, and our co-producer Dave Draper and Wicked Cool Records, of course. I believe in the positivity of life more than I ever have because we need it so badly, which is in essence what the lyric implies. Get up on your feet again, and fall in love with yourself!


Rodgers adds, “Michael and I started talking during the summer of 2021 about possibly working together. We hit it off! Writing music for “Bounce Back Baby” was really organic because Michael’s lyrics speak so positively to rising up from adversity, like we have all had to do in recent years.”


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