Metallica Cancels Its Vinyl Subscription Club for 2023 Due to Global Vinyl Delays

Metallica has sent a message out to subscribers of their vinyl Subscription Club that they are suspending the club for 2023, with no idea when it will resume in the future. Citing the demand for vinyl and global level delays, they canceled arguably the most successful vinyl subclub for rock or metal. You can read the band’s statement, and watch unboxing and review videos below.



A lot of you have been asking, “What’s up with the next Vinyl Club subscription year?!”


We know we’ve been a little quiet lately, and now you know why… New song. New album. New tour… Secret no more! (That’s the good news.)


Here comes the not-so-good news.


Since you’re all collectors, you know that current vinyl demand is exceeding production capabilities. Across the music world, all artists are dealing with delays. So that we can focus on bringing you 72 Seasons in April, we’re not going to offer a renewal for the next Vinyl Club subscription at this time. We do not yet have a target date for the next subscription year.


Now on to your current subscription… you’ve been patiently waiting and unfortunately the wait has been extended. We’ve been informed that the fourth release will not ship until sometime in February. We’re with you in this disappointment.


With all that said, that means those of you with annual subscriptions will not see them until early 2023.


If you have additional concerns we haven’t addressed, please submit a support ticket.


As always, thanks for your patience.


– The Metallica Store