Liquid Death Water Drops “Greatest Hates” Death Metal Album

Liquid Death 100% Mountain Spring water has a new way to “Murder Your Thirst” today, with the power of internet troll powered Death Metal! Not one to take to savage trolling lightly, Liquid Death has created a Death Metal, Greatest Hates, album solely inspired by the hateful comments they have received online. They made the music with a veritable who’s who of music, including Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Upon Infliction), Matt Laplant (Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Nonpoint, Skindred, Malevolent Creation, etc.), Seth Ringler (Upon Infliction), Torin Ridgeway (Arsis), and Jim Malone (Arsis). Some of the song titles include ‘Huge Tools (Every Single Person Involved)’, ‘Reconsider Your Life Choices’, ‘Fire Your Marketing Guy’, ‘Selling Your Soul Is Deplorable’, and more! The brand also made a hilarious new commercial ad, which you can watch below.


Greatest Hates Commercial Credits

Agency: Party Land

Co-Founder/CEO/CCO: Matt Heath

Co-Founder/Manager: Haley Heath

Managing Director: Madison Gargan

Voicecasting: Sound and Fury

Production: Liquid Death

Editor: Karli Cessario

Greatest Hates Tracks

Huge Tools (Every Single Person Involved)

Reconsider Your Life Choices

Fire Your Marketing Guy

Dumbest Name Ever For Water

Get Slaughtered On Shark Tank

This Water Couldn’t Be Less Appealing

Selling Your Soul Is Deplorable

Go Out Of Business

This Crap Is Pure Evil

Bad Marketing


Greatest Hates Credits

Produced and recorded by Gus Rios

All drums by Gus Rios

Guitars and bass by Gus Rios and Seth Ringler

All music written by Gus Rios and Seth Ringler

Vocal arrangements by Gus Rios

Lead vocals by Torin Ridgeway

Backing vocals by Jim Malone

Mixed and mastered by Matt Laplant

All lyrics came from real internet hate comments

On the serious tip, Liquid Death has created a profit-sharing program to help bands who are now sidelined and unable to tour as a result of COVID-19. Bands can sign up to promote Liquid Death to their fans and followers with a unique code, and Liquid Death will give them 50% of the profit they generate to help them bring in new revenue. Some bands that have signed on already include Converge, Mutoid Man, Ace Von Johnson, and The Bombpops.