Jessica Pimentel, Earl Maneein, And Kenny Grohowski Release The First Black Heart Sutra Single

Black Heart Sutra is the exciting new group featuring Jessica Pimentel of Orange Is The New Black and her band Alekhine’s Gun, Earl Maneein of Seven)Suns, and Kenny Grohowski of Imperial Triumphant and Secret Chiefs 3, and many more. Together these unbelievably talented human beings have created something that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. When asked to describe the sound, Jessica simply said this, “It’s like mahavishnu orchestra had a baby with Dillinger Escape Plan, and that baby listened to Pantera on acid.” AMAZING.

Blast the first single, ‘The Transitioning’, right now!

‘The Transitioning’ will be on their upcoming record, Zersetzung, which drops on October 6th via Still Water Recordings. Head to their Facebook page for more info.