INTERVIEW: Dylan Desmond’s (Bell Witch) Solo Ambient Masterpiece: Je Est Un Autre – “Flatworm Mysticism”

In this episode, we have a captivating chat with musician Dylan Desmond, known for his work with Bell Witch and Pyrkagion as he discusses his ambient album “Flatworm Mysticism” released under the name Je Est Un Autre, available through Cestrum Noctornum Recordings. Dylan reveals the inspiration and creative process behind this intriguing ethereal soundscape and introspective themes woven into the album’s unique musical vision and exploration of sonic textures.


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Thanks to Liz at Earsplit PR for setting up this interview with us!

The Usual Suspects:
Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy

Editing by Omar Cordy

Theme music by Salted Wounds

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