INTERVIEW: Courtney Gains on His Music Career, Working with Slash – and  “Children of the Corn” at 40

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with musician and actor Courtney Gaines to discuss his debut EP “Safe Haven,” out now via Fake Fangs Records! Most people know Courtney from his acting career where he made a splash as the teenage cult leader Malachi in the original “Children of The Corn” – released on March 9th, 1984! These days, in addition to acting and directing, Courtney is a solo music artist, releasing music and performing live! “Safe Haven” was written, recorded, and produced by Courtney Gains. We had a great conversation about his music, his inspirations, working with Slash, his acting career, and especially his relationship with horror fans at conventions and the community after helping kick off such an iconic property! 

Stream and purchase Safe Haven at:

  Thanks to Clawhammer Pr for setting up this chat with us!


Interview by Keefy:


Editing by Omar Cordy:


Theme music by Salted Wounds:


This video contains a shoutout to Viqueen:


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