INTERVIEW Anatoly Pakhalenko of Nytt Land on “Torem” and The Philosophy of Ancient Shamanic Culture

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Anatoly Pakhalenko, one-half of the Siberian Husband and Wife duo NYTT Land! The Dark-Folk music group has been rising on the strength of their original music and their inventive covers. Anatoly discussed the origin of the project, their recent album Torem (Napalm Records), the training and experiences he and his wife Natalia went through that shaped their music, and what the future holds for them.

Thanks to Napalm Records for arranging this interview. 

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NYTT Land is:
Vocal, throatsinging, drums, mouth-harp: (Baba Yaga) – Natalia Pakhalenko
Vocal, throatsinging, tagelharpa, flutes, percussion – Anatoly Pakhalenko


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“Huginn Ok Muninn”: 


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Their gothic folk/country cover of their own song, “Ritual”: 

Live performance:


Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy

Editing by Omar Cordy

Theme music by Salted Wounds

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