Ghost Cult’s Album of the Year Countdown 2023: Part 1 (75-41)


2013 saw Ghost Cult crown Surgical Steel (Carcass) as our inaugural Album of the Year in a democratic aggregated vote process, untouched by editorial hands (other than the sliding of the abacus balls from one side to the other – or rather the logging of votes and the use of a rather rudimentary spreadsheet), a format we continue to utilise as the years pass, and the seasons grey. Our dedicated team of writers, editors, photographers make their submissions on demand following a month of much wringing-of-hands and profanities being aimed into the editorial mailbox.

In 2013, the team collectively nominated 220 albums, and passed judgment on them with brutal emotion-filled candor. A decade on, and 284 different albums received vocal support, and we have (no spoilers) a brand new champion to anoint, to join the hallowed halls of winners – and what a stable of glory and significant acts they find themselves amongst.

For the list of previous winners runs: 2013 – Carcass, 2014 – Behemoth, 2015 – Ghost, 2016 – Gojira, 2017 – Mastodon, 2018 – Ghost (again), 2019 – Opeth, 2020 – Deftones, 2021 – Trivium, 2022 – Machine Head last year, and whoever joins this list of immortals will be shoulder-to-shoulder in the pantheon of modern-greats.

So first those respected contenders whose valuable works of rock / metal / punk / art are worthy of your most humble attention. Read on with thy judgment untempered and your scorn undefeated with permission unfettered to rant and / or rave (feel free to tag us in) about our placings. Indeed, fill your muddy boots.

The Ghost Cult Albums of the Year 2023 Top 75 Part 1 (75-41)

75. Allochiria – Commotion (Venerate Industries) GC review

74. Royal Blood – Back To The Water Below (Warner) GC review

73. Polaris – Fatalism (Sharptone) GC review

72. Blink 182 – ONE MORE TIME… (Columbia)

71. Spiritbox – The Fear of Fear (Pale Chord) GC review

70. Spanish Love Songs – No Joy (Pure Noise) GC review

69. Blood Ceremony – The Old Ways Remain (Rise Above) GC review

68. Oxbow – Love’s Holiday (Ipecac) GC review

67. Movements – RUCKUS! (Fearless) GC review

66. boygenius – the record (Interscope) GC review

65. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – PetroDragonic Apocalypse… (KGLW)

64. Fall Out Boy – So Much (For) Stardust (Fueled By Ramen)

63. The Struts – Pretty Vicious (Big Machine) GC review

62. The Ocean – Holocene (Pelagic) GC review

61. Full of Hell / Primitive Man – Suffocation Hallucination (Closed Casket) GC review


60. Unearth – The Wretched; The Ruinous (Century Media) GC review

59. Burner – It All Returns To Nothing (Church Road) GC review

58. The Hives – The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons (Disque Hives)

57. Underdark – Managed Decline (Church Road) GC review

Ghost Cult Album of the Month – November

56. Spotlights – Alchemy For The Dead (Ipecac) GC review


55. Spirit Adrift – Ghost At The Gallows (Century Media) GC review

54. Green Lung – This Heathen Land (Nuclear Blast) GC review

53. Dying Wish – Symptoms of Survival (Sharptone) GC review

52. Immortal – War Against All (Nuclear Blast) GC review

51. Downfall of Gaia – Silhouettes of Disgust (Metal Blade) GC review

50. Harm’s Way – Common Suffering (Metal Blade Records) GC review

49. Body Void – Atrocity Machine (Prosthetic Records) GC review

48. TesseracT – War of Being (Kscope Records) GC review

47. Fuming Mouth – Last Day of Sun (Nuclear Blast Records) GC review

46. Portrayal of Guilt – Devil Music (Run for Cover Records) GC review


45. Slowdive – Everything Is Alive (Dead Oceans) GC review

44. Sunrot – The Unfailing Rope (Prosthetic Records) GC review

43. In Flames – Foregone (Nuclear Blast) GC review

42. PJ Harvey – I Inside The Old Year Dying (Partisan) GC review

41. Voyager – Fearless In Love (Season of Mist) GC review

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