GHOST CULT PRESENTS: Mini-Metal Mixtape #8

Time for another episode of Metal and Coffee’s Mini-Metal Mixtape, presented by Ghost Cult Magazine! It features 5 finely curated metal tracks by Metal & Coffee. In her 12-year journey as an extreme metal DJ, Metal & Coffee has dived into the deepest depths to find the bands worth your ears. Metal & Coffee has been featured on Philadelphia’s most popular college radio station, WKDU 91.7 FM, and has also spent time as the resident New Releases DJ over on GIMME METAL. Mixtape, #8 features the new releases from Inferi, Necrot, Pulchra Morte, and more! Stream the newest playlist right now!

Mini-metal mixtape is a bitesize dose of mostly new metal that has been on Metal & Coffee’s radar. Even though her taste is rooted in slow & ugly metal riffage, you can always count on Metal & Coffee to provide variety, jumping from death metal and thrash metal to sludge and doom metal.

So take the 30 minutes out of your day to enrich your life and find something new with the Mini-Metal Mixtape series. New episodes released every Friday.

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Fun fact: Metal & Coffee has also written words for Ghost Cult Mag themselves! Read her entire GCM archive here: