G.O.A.T. And Your M.O.M.: Live at The Green Lantern in Lexington, KY

Most people flock to sold-out shows. We are doing something different with this review. This review will capture a more intimate show and the woes of uncertainty.

The God of All Texas (G.O.A.T.) and Your M.O.M. (Masters of Menace) have been on my “must see list” since I saw the band’s video of the song ‘Can You Quack Like a Duck’ on tosh.0 in early 2013. My first reaction was to giggle and make countless friends watch the video of what I referred to as the “Jesus in a bikini guy” video. As time passed, I became friends with Jack Litacus, who I refer to as GOAT, on Facebook and began to take a closer look at him and the band as whole. I became a fan. He still makes me giggle at some of the lyrics, but I discovered this is what I love about the band.

Opportunity finally knocked on August 26th and with tickets in hand, I headed to see G.O.A.T. and Your M.O.M. at The Green Lantern in Lexington, KY. “W.T.F.: QUACK LIKE A DUCK” is the band’s 3rd tour after about 10 years together.

I arrived and much to my surprise, GOAT was working his small merch booth. I had my tour shirt on and was greeted with a hug. Again, I was surprised as he recognized me and called me by name. I wasn’t sure what to expect in person given the band’s style. I met a very articulate and soft-spoken man who appeared shy at times. What was in my head and in videos did not match my expectations and this is why I tell others to never assume. I ate my own advice.

We began to talk in between other concert goers snapping the classic selfies. GOAT shared about the tour. GOAT stated, “Just getting the van rented and getting out the door on time to make it to the 1st show was rough. Barely got there in time. Went on a little late (10:30pm-ish on a Tuesday) and 15 people left before we even got there because they thought we weren’t going to make it.” GOAT also informed me of his love of acronyms. I thought, yep, makes sense.

Prior to the show, I had a deep and friendly conversation with the guitarist, Jordan Powers, about everything from touring to politics. He too was very laid back and bright. As we were chatting, I overheard the drummer, Christopher Hunter, state, “I just don’t care. I am a normal guy and get most of my clothes at The Dollar Store or Walmart.” I looked up and he laughed. He is definitely the funny one and made lots of jokes in passing and with other fans. The bassist was elusive and I do not even know his name. I was happy to have met The Masters of Menace in the flesh. Great guys too.

This was my evening for about 2 hours and then it was time for their set. I was thinking, how are these laid-back guys going to get as crazy as I have seen them in the videos?!? Well, it didn’t take long. They hit the stage and GOAT became The God of All Texas and the guys became Masters of Menace. GOAT’S voice changed from soft-spoken and articulate to gruff and raunchy.

Each song was about sex; particularly anal sex. I was like a deer in the headlights when he flipped his switch. It was fun, humorous at times and yet serious with a punk and street rock sound. GOAT maintained eye contact with the audience while singing lyrics I am not certain I could repeat with a straight face. He was very professional and captivating. I witnessed GOAT play a xylophone and tambourine with his penis, he had penis puppets he used as props during songs and even a cow vertebra. I suppose that old saying, ‘if you pull on it too much it will fall off’ is not true. If it were, GOAT would be in trouble.

The Masters of Menace (M.O.M.) did not miss a beat. They are true artists and nothing to be scoffed at. The lyrics and music meshed in perfect timing. Again, I will be honest; I was unsure of how professional the band would actually sound. No one in the crowd was disappointed. I had to move to the side due to the rowdy fans. When they played ‘Can You Quack Like a Duck’ it got real. I was definitely recording from a distance because things became extremely wild.

The band said their goodbyes with handshakes and hugs for all the fans and ended the intimate show. Would I go to the next show near me? As GOAT would say, “Butt of corpse I would!” I hope to see them again soon.

Case in point? This a band you must see live to fully appreciate. G.O.A.T. and Your M.O.M. is a talented and up and coming band who mesh a rock and punk sound. They are already embarking on their 3rd tour in two years. Never did I expect to see them at a venue near me. If you get the opportunity, spend the $10.00-$15.00 and check these guys out.