For Bandcamp Friday, Please Donate to the Healthcare Solidarity Fund for Laid Off Bandcamp United Workers


Today is the final Bandcamp Friday of 2023. Following the disastrous acquisition by Songtradr, that saw 60% of staff laid off, alongside accusations of union busting and racial bias. December 1st marks one of the first Bandcamp Fridays since new owner Songtradr took control of the popular indie music marketplace. In addition to supporting bands today, please consider donating to the Bandcamp United healthcare fundraiser, the union chosen by Bandcamp workers to represent it, called on the Bandcamp community of artists, labels, and fans to help laid-off staff pay uncovered medical bills.


“During the transition to coverage through COBRA, many workers have experienced a gap in their medical coverage… (and) some medical providers have barred workers in our unit from scheduling appointments due to their health insurance showing as inactive during the gap,” the union tweeted.

So far, Bandcamp United has raised 51% of its $10,000 goal and is asking for help.

“These funds will be used to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses, which include but are not limited to: copays, medications, ongoing treatment expenses, and healthcare for dependents,” writes the Union. “For some of our members, these are expenses that go towards life-threatening conditions.”