FESTIVAL REVIEW: Roadburn Festival 2024 Part 2 – Various Venues 

So now hopefully you are asking yourself what are the bands I had as “do not miss” other than Inter Arma?  

Royal Thunder is top tier; they are dear friends, I’ve toured with them, and we’ve grown in the music industry together, I was in literal tears during their first performance with the reworked classics set, the songs I always wanted to hear them play from their 2013 set at Roadburn before I had found a way to start capturing it.  Their second set I was brave and used some self-modified vintage lenses to try and get weird. Couch Slut, Sunrot, Body Void, Eye Flys, Blood Incantation, The Keening, Devil Master, Cloakroom: all homies that I felt the need to support, because I wouldn’t be anywhere in this world without the community I’ve built around me.


There are your obvious staples that you know are going to put on a beautiful or energetic set, like Chelsea Wolfe. I wish I could have sat down and enjoyed it more.  HEALTH threw down one of the best sets of the weekend, when you can dance and mosh at the same time, I’m so here for that shit.  Birds In Row if you’ve seen them before you know you’re silly to miss it again. Cult Leader heavy as shit and some rare crowd surfers. Hexvessel starting the weekend was such a great way to ease into a packed fest. Scaler!  Holly shit I dig what they are doing. Backxwash, I made the mistake of missing them last year, because reasons, but I sure as hell wasn’t wasting another opportunity. Knoll just steamrolled those lucky enough to get in, so damn good. Khanate is an absolute classic early 00’s band with every individual band member’s honorable mentions being better than the next and they did not disappoint. Die Wilde Jagd, I’ve wanted to see them since finding them on Roadburn Redux that year most of us want to ignore, but they didn’t disappoint, it was tricky to photograph with the full Metropole Orkest on stage with them but fewer photos does not equal less enjoyment from me or quality of performance.

Now I mention below in no particular order the bands that provided me with that fix of blind discovery and jubilation. Fluisteraars– rumor was that this was their first-ever performance and though after some research it turned out to be their second, but god damn yeah did they kill it. Sunrise Patriot Motion, I do know for a fact it was their first-ever performance, dug it! I’m sure they will have a NYC show sooner than later for me to enjoy again. clipping. – I didn’t know anything about them, just that it was Hip-Hop, which I welcomed with open arms. I’ve added a few tracks to my rotation and planned to dig further into his catalog. Benefits if you don’t like politics in your music, this one isn’t for you but I was all about it and their debut Nails was an instant purchase.  Fuck Money and Home Front put my manual focusing skills to the limit with all the activity on stage. Ahh, I wish I got to see King Yosef him earlier this year on tour with HEALTH cause I needed it in my life sooner. Oneiroporeia is the local Tilburg School of Rock band taught by my friend Michel, and I always recommend people see what this year’s crop of kids is doing when they perform Roadburn. I mean the Philly School of Rock is where Gina Gleason of Baroness was taught and the world is such a better place for it, so always get out and support and encourage the youth, because they can and will always surprise you. Go listen to Agriculture! You need to listen, it’s food for my soul music. Laster – was weird and visual, enthralling, all things I support.  There was so much good, amazing music and I can’t wait for next year. I’m going to be there, don’t care who’s playing, I hope to see you there!


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