EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Iva Toric – “Wasting Water”

When we last heard from Iva Toric, she was releasing her debut full length album in 2020. She is already hard at work on her next album due later in 2022. Her new single “Wasting Water” was written immediately after the pandemic and features musicians Gregg Cash (guitars, bass, arrangement) and Dylan Howard (drums). It was recorded and mixed by Jim Kaufman and assistant producer Ryan Molder while being mastered by Grammy award-winner Ted Jensen (Evanescence, Alice In Chains, Green Day). Watch the music video, filmed by Myles Erfurth, which was recorded in the nature of Kernville, CA here:

“’Wasting Water’ invokes the power of water to describe a deteriorating domestic relationship,” shares TORIC. “I wanted to explore the reciprocal existence between humans and water – how it both nourishes us and destroys us, and how we both cherish and waste it. As we change the course of rivers and pollute groundwater we simultaneously need water to survive. We try to control it but it breaks free of our chains and causes mass destruction. It is profound to think how similar our relationship with water is to our relationships with each other, with time, and with life itself. My songwriting is about tapping into the collective human experience, so this song is both deeply personal and universal. As you listen, ask yourself ‘in what aspects of my life am I wasting water?’”

Iva comments about the video: “We shot the video in Kernville, California on the beautiful Kern River. We incorporated nature, snakes, flowing water, and sorcery into the video’s imagery and added a captivating emotional storyline. The result is both beautiful and unapologetically dark.”