EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Carter Brady – “Best of Two Worlds”

Pelham, New York Singer Songwriter Carter Brady has already build an impressive resume of music and experiences in his young life. First earning notice back in High School with a Power Pop band, after many turns in groups, Carter’s adult endeavors range from movie soundtracks to his own current releases as a solo artist. A multi-instrumentalist by trade, Carter can really touch anything and make it his own, and he is developing a singular, expressive voice as a singer too. Recently he earned a film credit for playing acoustic guitar in Director Quinn Fluet’s short film Singularity (2021). Watch his new video for his current single, dropping tomorrow, December 10th, 2021 – “Best of Two Worlds” now!


Carter comments:

“This video really turned out as good as I ever imagined it could, especially working with a lower budget and production team. Alex and I really spent time walking through the narrative we were trying to portray, which is simply me struggling to write the song itself and getting fed up with the whole process, but after getting hit with a piece of paper something clicked that got me excited to go perform it live at an imaginary outside show in my neighborhood with my band. We messed around with different filming locations and through Alex’s awesome video he captured and the high level editing really gave it that indie but professional feel. For the final scene I got some of my friends Nico Ciacca and Sam Farrell to pose as guitar and bass players and had my friend Hugo Robinson, who actually plays drums on the song, to star behind the kit. I had them wear sunglasses which I thought was a nice touch, sort of showing the mysterious side to them being there but also that they are there to back me up. Overall the meaning behind the song if you listen to it separately from the video is supposed to be about someone who does not care what other people think, and wants to live their life the way they want it. Nobody’s perfect, and life’s not perfect either, but they learn through time and reflection that no matter what they decide to do with their life they will be successful and happy.”