EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Deathwhite – “Funeral Ground”

Ghost Cult has teamed up with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Doom and gloom dealers Deathwhite for the world premiere of their official music video ‘Funeral Ground’! The bleak and emotive track plays over the stylized clip of the band performing intercut with ominous moments that juxtapose the nature of life and death. The track comes from their forthcoming album Grave Image, due for release on January 31st via Season of Mist. Although the band prefers to be shrouded in anonymity (for now), heads who crave the bleakest of the bleak moods of Woods of Ypres, recent Paradise Lost albums, Katatonia, Type O Negative will love this video and this group. Check out the video and pre-order Grave Image now!

The band commented:

“We were quite elated upon seeing Jérôme Comentale’s cover art design for ‘Grave Image.’ With that mind, we wanted to find some way to tie it into a video, which we did for ‘Funeral Ground.’ It is not obvious at first, but, rest assured, it is there. We had the good fortune of shooting during a brisk autumn day in the natural outdoors, something that we feel only added to the song’s overall atmosphere, which treads some new – no pun intended – ground for us. Due credit to our resident jack-of-all-trades Shane Mayer, who lent his considerable time and energy to the video’s creation.”

Pre-order: https://smarturl.it/DeathwhiteGraveImage


Grave Image track listing:

1. Funeral Ground (05:05)

2. In Eclipse (04:46)

3. Further from Salvation (04:56)

4. Grave Image (04:50)

5. Among Us (04:11)

6. Words of Dead Men (03:56)

7. No Horizon (05:29)

8. Plague of Virtue (04:14)

9. A Servant (04:43)

10. Return to Silence (06:38)

Total Length: 48:48


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