EXCLUSIVE: Stream Soaware’s Self-Titled New Album

Italian alt/electro-rock duo Soaware is releasing their new album, Soaware tomorrow. Founded by the duo of Damiano Bessi and Emanuele Grazioli, the inventive alternative rockers have hopes to infect the rest of the world with their songs. They first met in 1999 while playing in the band Mad Cobol, later splitting to join other groups. With Soaware, the band channels the familiar churning magnetic pulse of Industrial, the melancholy soulfulness of Goth, and the rawness of Metal. At the same time, they have experimental, undefinable elements that are purely Soaware music too. Stream their full album right now, only at Ghost Cult!

The band commented:

“SOAWARE is our self-titled album and is a journey of 11 songs through humans’ crazy minds.

A mix of electronic and rock, dark atmosphere, acoustic instruments, electric guitar, large ambient, synth and sampler. We are not goth; we are not grunge,; we are not metal, but probably we are all of them.

Pure hate, revenge, desires, the illusion of the awareness when you realize that you are part of this world but you feel so far from it.

We explore doubts and betrayal and guilt.

This is SOAWARE we talk about illogical people and their strange nuances.”

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