EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Runescarred Shares Their Cover of Elton John’s “Madman Accross The Water”

Extreme Progressive Power Metallers Runescarred have shared their cover of Elton John’s classic “Madman Across the Water.” The track comes from the bands’ upcoming re-release of their 2020 album, The Distant Infinite on September 24th and you can pre-order the album now at the link below. The release features five additional acoustic tracks, and sees the band further push themselves out of their comfort zone with creativity. Check out this great cover right now!


The band comments:

“Madman Across the Water” has always been a song I wanted to cover. We talked about making it heavier, doing something different with it. Ultimately, the song is perfection as it is and we can’t top that. So we just rocked it as best we could and dig the shit out of playing it!”

Metallers Runescarred announce the upcoming release of the expanded edition of their 2020 album, ‘The Distant Infinite’, featuring five additional acoustic tracks. Originally forming in 2017, the quintet from Austin Texas have made their mark with their evolving discography including the critically acclaimed 2018 E.P., “We Are”, and single “Being God”. The re-release celebrates Runescarred’s epic album featuring some new, dynamic, musical offerings.

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