EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Eyes Of The Living Share their New Single – “Feeding The Wolves”

Philly’s brutal emissaries of the riff Eyes Of The Living have shared a killer new song  “Feeding The Wolves” here at Ghost Cult. The track comes from their forthcoming release, Fear Comes Knocking, due out on February 25, 2022 through Blood Blast Distribution. They have gained notice opening for some of the greats like Gojira, Exodus, Misery Index and others. In addition to EOTL, members of the band have composed music for hit TV like The Messengers, True Hollywood Story, That Metal Show, and Ozzy and Jacks World Detour. The band pays homage to the greats with every beat and groove, but has a modern sense that puts them front and center of the current generation of up and coming bands. The ten tracks on  Fear Comes Knocking are legit and uncompromising. Check out “Feeding The Wolves’ right now.


Vocalist/Guitarist, Tim Swisher annotates “Sexual animal instinct and infatuation can create an insatiable desire for pleasure. Is it a waste to give in to these demons, their desire, is it a sin to feed these wolves again?”


 Track Listing

Scream for Me

Destroy Everything

No Name for Doom

Reborn of Dark

Fear Comes Knocking

Hell to Pay

Make the Blood Run

Feeding the Wolves


Breaking Within


Pre-order the album here:  https://www.eyesoftheliving.com/