EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: “From Dreams to Living Things II: Brawling Sparrows Brilliant Moon” Charity Compilation is Streaming in Full

As at least appearing serious music website covering the gamut of extreme and not so extreme music, one thing we are not supposed to do is play favorites. That said, one of our favorite labels is Fiadh Productions. In addition to promoting and uplifting countless artists a year across many darker metal subgenres (Black Metal especially, others too), the label is driven by these guiding princples: supporting animal rescue, animal rights and welfare, being anti-fascist as fuck, vegan, and much more. You can feel good about the label, since it consistently supports worthy charities and causes we also care about. So every tape released, and every purchase made by fans is a win-win. Streaming today here at Ghost Cult From Dreams to Living Things II: Brawling Sparrows Brilliant Moon is a benefit comp with 46 killer bands including several featured at Ghost Cult such as Avulse, Black Birch, Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze, Iravu, Spectral Lore, and more! 100% proceeds will support Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary, which you can learn more about below along with the stream of the comp and the full list of bands!

Track listing:

  • Angel – Nightsong
  • Avulse – Six Must Die
  • Awenden – Among the Stones
  • Black Birch – Birth
  • Blut auf dem Eis – Shadows of Lost Souls
  • Book of Sand – arran boat song
  • Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – A History of Cages and Broken Bones
  • Bury Them And Keep Quiet – Chvrchbvrnvr (Incinerated Remix)
  • Captain Jazz – Almost Always Green
  • Covered Bridges – Contrary Wind
  • Crypt Moss – The Fog of Boletaria
  • Dysthymia – Pain, Fear, and The Burden of Guilt
  • Eisige Venen – The Eternal Parade
  • Elven Sorrow – Near The Marsh It Crept With Bloody Claws
  • Exulansis – Of Nature & Hatred
  • Forêt Endormie – Bientôt cette forêt deviendra cendres
  • Fós – Mo Shlán beo Soir feat. Clare Horgan
  • Fuil na Seanchoille – Geata Keshcorran
  • Giftzwerg – Giftzwerg
  • Habak – Hasta que vivir valga la pena
  • Hermit Knight – The Last November
  • Indrid Cold – Hidden Village
  • Iravu – The Outsider
  • Knights of Rain – Under These Skies
  • liminalanimal – Fall On Your Sword
  • Lunar Cult – The Night Will Claim Its Own
  • Lust Hag – A Nearly Unsuccessful Escape
  • Mountain Shadow – Knockers Foretell Doom
  • Non Serviam – Ils me dévorent tandis que je ris
  • Non Somnia – White Moon Black Moon
  • Other-ed (ft Tom Alta Rossa) – Darkest Chains
  • Procession of Spectres – Salt of the Earth
  • Prosperity Gospel – Being into Having
  • Robes of Snow – On Spring, Excitement and Fear…
  • Saahrg – Seduction Cloaked in Scales
  • Sacral – Slaughterhouse
  • Snawfuss – From Dreams to Living Things
  • Spaceseer – Beetlesong
  • Spectral Lore – Our Walls Have Fallen (Raging Winter)
  • Stephen Roddy – Connemara Chaos
  • Terzij de Horde – A Chosen Hollow
  • Touching Grass – Never Be Petty
  • Tumultuous Ruin – Trigger Resistance
  • Tyrannus – Bricks and Flesh, Ashes and Iron
  • Vanessa Funke – Void
  • VENUS-426 – You Use to Press Really Good Dungeon Synth


Artist: Mairead McGuinness

100% proceeds will support: Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary is a vegan organic animal sanctuary – possibly the only one of its kind in the world – located in the North West of Ireland. Heartstone focuses on farmed animals & particularly cow

100% proceeds will support: Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary is a vegan organic animal sanctuary – possibly the only one of its kind in the world – located in the North West of Ireland. Heartstone focuses on farmed animals & particularly cowFiadhmairead.jpgs, due to the fact that safe spaces for cows are almost nonexistent in Ireland. In the daily interaction with the animal residents, their individual personalities, their relationships & rights are the main focus; everyone is granted as much freedom as possible without putting them in danger: they are free to decide for themselves how to spend their day, where, & with whom. All residents, human, non-human & wildlife, are vegan (& organic) – granted, of course, that everyone’s nutritional needs are met.

Besides vegan organic feeds, fabrics, remedies & supplements, all supplies are sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible, with a focus on local or fair trade, seasonal, plastic-free, & biodegradable. Heartstone’s ethical foundation is best described by the principles of nonkilling & nonviolence; nonharm is being aspired to & includes all sentient beings & the natural world as it is involved in or affected by the running of the sanctuary or the production chain of all supplies.

Beyond the care for the immediate residents, a main focus of Heartstone are the areas of climate (collapse) & biodiversity (breakdown), or, in short, nature (& the survival of humanity and those dependent on us). A major goal for Heartstone’s future is to be able to engage in vegan rewilding aka v-wilding on as large a scale as possible, & to offer education on truly sustainable veganic agricultural and horticultural practices in no-dig/no-till agroforestry & polycultures/permaculture.

Heartstone is, due to a lack of volunteers, run single-handedly by Nía. Nía is vegan for 25 years & an animal rights activist just as long, familiar with all forms of direct action. She spent many years in night & undercover investigations all over Europe & in the United States, covering the areas of animal rights, human rights & the environment, the results of which she turned into TV reports seen by millions. Nía has also been an active supporter of surviving victims of extreme & complex trauma for many years. & of course, she enjoys music of the dark kind, too.

For more information follo Fiadh Productions: